Construction Industry Export Possibilities

99.1% of the world’s consumers live outside of the United Kingdom. Enough possibilities? The construction industry is a peculiar industry amongst other industries. The United Kingdom is a peculiar country amongst other countries. These two facts allow for enormous possibilities as well as a whole lot of other stuff going wrong when seeking sales abroad. My own introduction to the construction industry came from being recruited from a successful exporter of polythene to people who make nappies to running the nascent export operation of a leading materials manufacturer. It took at least six months for me to understand the complexities of specification selling, the exporting bit was a piece of cake. Every country has its own culture and practices and the British construction industry is unique, so offers unique products and services as well as incomprehensible (often to us as well as foreign clients who really don’t care) practices, Identify your strengths and exploit them, only now you potentially have a strength your competitors do not. As an example, I quickly discovered PU cements didn’t really exist in much of the world due to the original patent so selling against local competition was easy.The obvious reason that UK companies fail to take advantage of the potential is fear. However, the vast majority of successful British exporters I have known have achieved this success through a mixture of good fortune and (to a lesser extent) our imperial past. The world has changed, British reputation does not count for so much and global trade is now the norm. If people have made money by being lucky (essentially getting specified by British architects), imagine what can be achieved by doing things proactively. I will attempt to describe some of the possibilities bearing in mind that strategies differ depending on where in the supply chain you find yourself.Demand: UK GDP is a small fraction of global GDP. The EU is the same country, economically speaking, with a population of 503 million. There are a lot of customers out there.Profitability: On average, exporters create more jobs, grow sales faster and their employees earn more.Risk mitigation: This is especially relevant to the construction industry. The ups and downs make Blackpool’s Big Dipper look like a kiddies’ slide. Of course, other countries suffer as well, but often at different times, so you can spread the risk and maintain sales in lean periods.SMEs: Smaller businesses have greater potential. This report from The Sunday Times shows what is possible as well as the notable absence of construction companies.With a large export market researched and identified, you can then actually manage your profitability. It depends on the service or product, but an export order is usually larger, a project might be enormous and economies of scale can be achieved. Products or services which are common here may be scarce and demand a large premium elsewhere. Knowledge is crucial. With a larger potential customer base to call on, you can pick and choose business according to which is more profitable. I could name at least three companies who have built a worldwide reputation after feebly following up an enquiry which very fortuitously turned into a multi-million pound project. Be the first to look for opportunities and you have a better chance of seizing them.This article is intended to highlight the possibilities of exporting so, while I could write at length about how to achieve exporting success, here I just want to examine a few different approaches for different types of organisations:Sub-contractor: Possibly even 2 men and a van. With specialist skill and knowledge and a good relationship with a materials manufacturer, you may be able to do specialised work abroad where no suitably skilled staff are available. Talk to them.Main contractor: Endless possibilities. If not involved, speak to a specialistQS: This area is a little more difficult but this link may help:Architect: Possibilities will depend entirely on the philosophy of the practice. If open to the new, get out there..Materials manufacturer: If not the most possibilities, certainly by far the easiest to achieve. Find the same kinds of people in other countries whom you sell to here and sell to them. If you are not doing this already, speak to someone who knows how to do it.Builders merchant: Huge possibilities where demand exists, research is crucial.Equipment manufacturer: If your existing export sales are not already over 50% of the total, you maybe need a strategy rethink.During the course of my work, I read a lot of literature about exporting. It is usually prefaced with, ooh, it’s scary, risky, people do things differently and speak funny languages. While it is true that, if you insist on British working practices and payments or insist on your own company’s way of doing things, you are unlikely to export anything, if you open your mind, the world is that oyster. Your most important strength will be your adaptability. Nevertheless, exporting offers up a whole new set of possibilities. Evolution comes from mixing, matching and finding the best. You will find certain British products or practices are very highly valued overseas but, at the same time, discover all those products and practices which are better than ours and bring them home. There is no doubt that exporting makes you stronger.In my experience, one of the big weapons in the arsenal of the typical construction industry sales person is the treasured list of project references. If you really want to show off, you have to have some international ones. The transformation in a company’s reputation once they are successfully exporting is astounding. Any specifier is going to place a far higher value on your company if you are working internationally. Exporting boosts your domestic sales too, you cannot lose.Aside from building your reputation by exporting, you will also make your company stronger. If you have ever coveted the reputation of German engineering or Japanese technology, get out there and compete with them, learn what they are doing and do it better.Whatever you do as a company, you are in the business of getting things built. Getting something built in Barcelona is just the same as doing it in Barnsley. You may possibly have more fun in Barcelona, that is up to you. You want to make profit, there are a lot more projects out there than British ones. Why not find them?

Handy Automotive Body Tools Can Save You a Lot of Money and Precious Time!

Keeping a set of basic automotive body tools in your car can be real handy at times. These car repair tools can be very useful in situations where you are stranded in the middle of the road and do not have access to a repair shop. Having the repair tools can not only save you a lot of problems and precious time but can also save you from being robbed or attacked; if you are in the middle of a deserted and dark place. Moreover there are times when you might get a mechanic, but he may take advantage of your helpless situation. The problem with your car may be very minor, but the mechanic may charge you an exorbitant amount, since you have no other option. So again, it’s advisable to carry along a tool kit equipped with the necessary auto repair tools and know how to use them as well, to avoid any untoward incident while travelling. Most of these tool kits include screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. Nowadays you get a lot of technologically advanced screwdriver sets, different sort of wrenches like impact wrenches etc. that you can easily purchase online. You also get the appropriate impact sockets and tools to be used with these wrenches. So before purchasing, get a good understanding of the equipments that need to be carried along.Apart from carrying basic hand tools in your car, it is also important to take the vehicle for regular servicing to professional repair shops to get a thorough job done. They usually have all the latest hi-fi automotive body tools that you’ll generally not purchase for personal use. In order to keep your car out of trouble; good and timely maintenance and care is required. There are various different kinds of sockets apart from impact sockets, like standard chrome sockets, shallow and deep sockets; which you probably may not know about. They also have different sorts of air tools and wrenches to be used with these sockets. The professional repair shops are equipped with all sorts of different machines and tools to make your car run, look and feel like a showroom piece.Therefore in order to maintain your vehicle properly for years and keep it in running condition it is necessary to purchase some automotive body tools for personal use as well as take it for regular servicing to a professional auto body shop.

Online Business – Basic Things to Consider Prior to Selecting Business Ideas

If you are planning to earn some extra income, what better way to make it possible if not online business? With markets flooding with various internet business opportunities, it becomes really tough for the beginners to select the right online business. On one side, you will find some legitimate and lucrative online business ideas while on the other side you will find multiple scam business opportunities that promise people of getting millionaire. However, in reality they don’t do so. Hence, as a beginner you need to conduct a thorough research on the web business opportunities before starting.Online business- what you need to do firstOnline business has become increasingly common for people who want to earn money to experience a better work life balance. Prior to discussing internet business ideas, a beginner must consider for a moment what is actually takes. Firstly, it is necessary to conduct research into your intended niche. A proper knowledge of your intended market can make a whole lot difference. The research process could be time-oriented but in the longer run it can fetch you great returns. A proper business research can help you get abreast of the market conditions, products in demand and prices as well. This will put business owners firmly on the road to success. Then a person needs to decide what he/she is going to sell on internet to make income.Set a good business plan. Your business plan should clearly mention about the business background, your customers, products or services you are rendering, your business promotion and how much you are expecting in return. Take good care of the resources needed for running a business.Some online business ideas to help you start a good careerIn this age of internet and technological advancement, the scope of online business options is endless. There are lots of good internet business ideas that you can rely upon to reap greater returns. These businesses are not just perfect in letting you earn fast bucks, but could well be a start of a good career. Let’s have a glance.Affiliate marketingWhen we talk about online business, affiliate marketing comes as a successful and easy option. Just by partnering with an online merchant as an affiliate, you can host your own site and draw good number of traffic. You can display your products or services there. Well, if any customer buys such services, a rate gets normally transferred in to your account.eBay business- This business is very simple and cost-effective. In such business, you need to just select the products you are going to sell and sign-up an account. You can visit several auction sites and sell your products accordingly to earn money. You can also take the advantage of selling your products from e-bay store.Telemarketing serviceAmongst the most effective business ideas, Telemarketing comes as a great option. This can be performed at leisure hours and at the comfort of homes. You can work for a company in this position in various shifts. To start up such business, an individual is required to have a great communication & convincing power. You must have access to the proper phone lines & call sheets.